The popularity of audiobooks is ever-increasing with exciting new stories being published on Audible, iTunes and afar every day.

 But, most of the conversation is about adult’s fiction or non-fiction. As much as we like reading for ourselves… this blog post is not for adults!!

 What about books for kids?

 WELL, if you ever borrowed tapes from the library, owned a Walkman, or became obsessed with listening to Harry Potter in audiobook form, you’ll be pleased to know that loads of children’s books are still being published as audiobooks too! Even picture books can be listened to in audiobook form.

While it’s often said that technology engages children more than books, audio crosses the boundary and has the ability to get them excited about the world of storytelling.

They’re great for sticking on in the car or when you’re trying to get something done at home, as well as an extra tool for the times when you sit down to read with your child.

When you are using them to read, their flexibility gives you lots of options. You could follow the story with the physical book or close your eyes and picture the setting.

If you’re brand new to audio or need some recommendations, we have some top picks for you. These ones are suitable for kids aged 5 and up…

1. The Diaries of Robin’s Toys

Meet Robin and his grandad, Every week they pick up a new toy at the local car boot sale. Grandad’s magic brings the toy to life and they hear of a wondrous adventure. Use the QR code on the back of the book to access the audio!


2. Shakespeare’s Stories

Pick from Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and many more! These simplified Shakespeare stories bring the world of comedies, histories and tragedies to young readers in a fun and accessible way.  Available in hardback + audio which includes a CD!

No more silly voices for Mum and Dad… (at bedtime, that is).