Diwali 2020: What is Rangoli?

Diwali is a religious holiday that celebrates good conquering evil and invites spiritual enlightenment.

It is celebrated by a wide range of religions, including Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism.

The celebration of Diwali involves lighting small oil lamps, called “divas” around the home and temples. Mandalas made from coloured powders, rices or chalks are beautifully designed on the doorstep of homes. This is called Rangoli, which literally translates to “colour”.

Rangoli patterns are believed to bring good luck to the home. The art of rangoli is passed on through generations of families to keep the tradition alive. Beyond Diwali, rangoli patterns are also created for weddings and other big celebrations.

Rangoli is known for its rich use of vivid and eye-catching colours, while colouring-in has proven stress-relieving qualities.
Our Rangoli colouring book gives you the opportunity to bring Rangoli pattern to life with an infusion of your own colour and creativity while unwinding and inviting in some inner peace.

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