We have partnered with local schools in Leicestershire, sending free copies of our latest gut-busting tale, Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds, to 137 schools in the area.

As part of our new school partnership programme, we are giving teachers the opportunity to give free copies of our books to their pupils, so that we can reinforce the importance of reading, especially for children who may find reading difficult, or who simply need help discovering new books.

Prepare to laugh out loud at the outrageously entertaining adventures of Danny Dingle, we said as we introduced teachers and school workers to our wacky new tale of clumsy science and hilarious invention antics. Along with bookmarks and leaflets, we provided one copy of the book and invited each school to contact us to request free copies for their classes.

We were delighted when 33 schools responded, each requesting copies for their pupils. In exchange for these books, all we asked in return was for each pupil to fill out a review sheet, which we sent out along with each copy of Danny Dingle.

“Why did I want to participate?” asked Rebecca Dowsett, Year 5 teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary Academy in Loughborough, “To be honest it sounded too good to be true! I thought it would be a good appeal for the class. I also like the idea that the children would be given real purpose for producing a book review.”

“What have you done to Year 5? In after school club 3 non-readers couldn’t get their noses out of the book, even to eat their snack! Today my most popular refrain has been, please put Danny away, we need to do our lessons!!”

The campaign has been a massive success, introducing reluctant readers to the wonderful world of literature, and the crazy world of Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds.

It is our aim to continue this programme throughout the UK, targetting schools with low literacy levels. If you work at a school, or know somebody who does, and think that this initiative would help your students, then please get in contact with us.