Kids + sitting still = not always realistic.

That’s why reading time can be a struggle for lots of parents. Even if you’ve got into a great routine, it can need an extra push of excitement from time to time.

That’s why we’ve put together some top tips to make reading time more interactive. Hopefully, these will help you to enjoy it even more and get the most out of every book…

1. Use Different Voices

Okay, so it might make you sound a little bit silly but this makes such a difference in a child being able to tell the difference between the different characters, especially during dialogue. The more you embarrass yourself, the more they are likely to pay attention!

2. Mix Up The Rhythm

Adding to what you can do with your voice, slowing down at scary or tense moments, then speeding up through the funny ones will make all the difference to the flow of storytime.

3. Get Your Kids To Guess

They can guess who’s speaking or what’s going to happen next, anything to keep them involved in the story. This will help them to feel like one of the characters and will encourage them to give the book their full attention.

4. Act It Out

Sometimes, sitting down just doesn’t work. You need to get up and act out that battle scene or alien invasion. Just don’t lose your page in the book!

 5. Make It A Game

This might take a bit more thought and preparation but it can be really good fun! Whether there are sweet treats involved or different levels depending on the book you’re reading, a game can engage a kid well. After all, it’s how a lot of them view technology…

6. Use Props

It’s a magical world when a cushion can also be a boat and a piece of chocolate can be medicine. Just make sure you don’t fling the TV remote at the window when using it as a sword…

7. Build The Setting

Grab a duvet, a table, anything you have, and build yourself the North Pole or the Desert. Chances are, the idea of messing up the house will excite children enough to involve them. Just make sure the ending of the book involves time travel back into your own tidy house.