It’s every parent’s dream – to get your kids reading and to have them willingly do it for fun!

While there are kids out there that choose books over TV, that are disciplined by having their book taken away and would squeal over a trip to the library, they aren’t the majority.

We live in a world of more energetic kids. The ones that tell their babysitters they can stay up until midnight because their parents approve of their Xbox obsession and even encourage the fizzy drinks/sweets/chocolate that they request as fuel. Kids who would rather run around kicking, hitting, or throwing balls than sitting nicely with a story.  

But the world of books is for all children and there’s a way for each and every one of them to enjoy the world of story-telling, no matter what their other interests are.

Here are our top tips to help you encourage your kids, nieces, nephews and pupils, to read:

1. Find the Perfect Book

Does the kid you’re thinking of love to laugh? They could become best friends with the fictional Danny Dingle or Wimpy Kid. Do they love sport? Match them up with a book about football, cricket or their sport of choice. Maybe they just want something with lots of pictures, or a book that’s interactive. Finding the right book is the best way to get their attention.

2. Create the Ideal Setting

Kids are always getting distracted. Whether it’s the tablet or the TV, make sure you’re away from technology, friends and any other tempting alternatives. It’s also important to get comfortable. That could be by getting into PJs or relaxing on the sofa. 

3. Make It Fun!

Start off reading together and make sure it’s not a chore. It’s not a task to be completed before the real fun begins and it’s definitely not a punishment. It’s just something else to do. You could take it turns to read aloud, put on voices, act it out, or just chat about the story. If the kid you’re reading with prefers the visual world then get them to draw what they can picture and they’ll soon be seeing how magical the world of books can be.

4. Keep It Regular

A good reading routine is key and they say it takes three weeks to make a habit (no, we don’t know who ‘they’ are). Sometimes the hardest part of getting a kid to read is encouraging them to pick up the book in the first place! Plus, it can lead to some great quality time.

5. Get Friends Involved

Kids are so influenced by their friends and once one of them is reading a book, they all want to. Encourage kids to read together, share books and go to the library as a group. The more conversations they have with each other about books, the more they will want to read at home.

 Good luck! Let us know what books you end up reading!