This week we took to social media to talk to teachers about what makes a good classroom read. Thanks to some great responses from primary school teachers, we have some top books for school to recommend…

Samantha‏ @CuteAsADutton1

Granny by @AnthonyHorowitz (y6) Also, Mr Stink (y3).

You’ve got to have a laugh with books. I can’t sit and get no reaction from a book! I love when the kids laugh and gasp in shock at humour! There’s no rudeness in them, just honesty, kids need honesty sometimes.

Miss Whitelaw‏ @misswhitelaw4

Leon and The Place Between and Kensuke’s Kingdom! There are far too many!! I use them with my year 4 class and the response and work produced is always phenomenal!

LibraryGirl&BookBoy‏ @BookSuperhero2

The Legend Of Podkin One Ear is a favourite. Also, Beetle Boy.
Podkin – an absolutely cracking plot. Just scary enough but not too scary. Beetle Boy – such as original idea. Doesn’t shy away from tricky scientific vocab. Teaches you as you read. Cracking villain!

reading_rara‏ @reading_rara

I still look forward to Nag Clubby Anne Fine with y2 each year. It’s hilarious and they just get it. Also love Fizzlebert Stump with Y4 for the eccentricity.

Ms Plenderleith‏ @kplen 

P6b @SimpsonPrimary are thoroughly enjoying our class novel this term. Lots of exciting moments, perfect for ending on a cliffhanger at the end of the day, leaving the children desperate to hear what happens next! #SPSLovestoRead

Really Weird Removals.Com by Daniela Sacerdoti

We would recommend…

Here Comes Hercules! by Stella Tarakson

A number of teachers have noted that Here Comes Hercules! makes for a fun and gently educational classroom read. It follows young Tim Baker who accidentally frees Hercules from an Ancient Greek vase. Hercules causes chaos in Tim’s life and introduces him to the world of Greek Gods. It gives an answer to the question – what would happen if the legendary names of Ancient Greece were around today? All with a lot of humour and mayhem!