This April we are proud to announce the release of our newest story Tim Baker and the Ancient Curse. This is the first in our new and exciting ten part series: Gormless Gods and Hapless Heroes by the wonderful Stella Tarakson.

 Ever since Tim Baker came crashing into our office we’ve been anticipating its release with pure glee. This wildly hilarious and rousing Greek adventure is a story of drama, friendship and ill-fated mishaps.  

 Tim Baker is your ordinary 10 year old but Life hasn’t been easy since Tim’s dad died – the kids at school call him ‘Cinderella’ because he’s always stuck at home doing the housework while his mum’s away at work.

 With the crack of a pot Tim happens to befriend the ‘super-strong but not so super-smart’ Hercules; the outrageous and downright ludicrous situations they find themselves in will bring many laugh out loud moments.

 How do you convince a hero that you don’t need his help?

 And here is the beautiful cover:

…but not ending there, have a SNEAKY look around the first chapter. So, what are you waiting for? Tim Baker and the Ancient Curse

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