The world is a scary place. Whether it be a first day at school or a squabble between friends, everyday we face challenges which require a great deal of confidence. These books are all about having faith in yourself, speaking up for what you believe in and reminding yourself that you are AMAZING!


Apley Towers series – Myra King

Apley Towers is a riding school for boys and girls of all ages where you learn so much more than how to work with horses. Join Kaela, Trixie, Angela and Phoenix as they understand the true meaning of friendship and the importance of self-belief.  Honest and beautifully-written, the Apley adventures will warm your heart whether you are horse-mad or not.


Kid Normal – Greg James and Chris Smith

Murph Cooper feels like the odd one out at his new school. There’s a good reason why – it is a school for superheroes! Murph doesn’t have any awesome powers like his classmates, but he soon learns that you don’t need to fly in the sky or be able to control the elements to save the day. Guaranteed to make you laugh-out-loud, this hilarious book reminds us that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.


Wonder – R.J. Palacio

What does it mean to be normal? Auggie Pullman isn’t certain, but whatever it is, he knows he’s not it. He was born with severe facial deformities, meaning that people look and stare at him wherever he goes. Starting a new school is scary at the best of times, but for Auggie the terror is doubly-huge. Will he be able to stop people screaming when they see him? Will he be able to make friends? Find out now and join the millions of others who have fell in love with this incredible story.


Being Miss Nobody – Tamsin Winter

Rosalind Banks suffers from Selective Mutism. This means that she finds it almost impossible to speak, no matter how much she wants to. Trapped by her silence, she becomes a target for bullies when she begins secondary school. Rosalind starts a blog to get back at the bullies, but does she misuse her new voice and become a bully herself?

Rangoli Colouring Book


Enjoy some precious me-time with this beautiful colouring book. Inspired by Hindu folk art, Rangoli designs weave plant and animal motifs into stunning geometric patterns. Adding colour to these intricate outlines will help to focus the mind and soothe your stresses and tensions.