The birthplace of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the location where JK Rowling began to write Harry Potter, Edinburgh is a special place in the bookish world as it is. Throw in a variety of fantastic bookshops and it’s a must visit city for all readers. 

 We visited some of these wonderful bookshops last week and are here to share our findings:

1. The Edinburgh Bookshop

One of the most popular bookshops in the whole of the UK, the Edinburgh Bookshop is an award-winner and a fantastic place to discover new books. The team of booksellers are really friendly and always up for a chat. Their recommendations won’t disappoint.

2. Golden Hare Bookshop

The cute children’s section in Golden Hare Bookshop has space to stop and read a story so you can really immerse yourself in books on your visit. It’s cosy and full of brilliant stories. Sunday Stories welcomes children every Sunday morning at 11am featuring reading, crafts and games.

3. The Lighthouse

A radical bookshop full of forward-thinking books to get kids reading the most relevant books of today and the future. You can trust in the recommendations of the booksellers here and spend some time peacefully browsing the diverse shelves.

4. Blackwell’s

Although you can find a Blackwell’s in most cities nowadays, the Edinburgh one is special. A hotspot for Harry Potter fans and a multi-floored sanctuary of books, this is the place to be if you want to find some old favourites mixed in with some debut authors.

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