Teaching Resources and Learning Activities

Our FREE teaching resources and activity packs have been developed to accompany our children’s books – they closely align with the UK National Curriculum and the US K-12 Curriculum.

Our teaching resources and fun activity sheets are print-friendly so young learners can enjoy reading and develop their comprehension and literacy skills both inside and outside of the classroom. Answer sheets can be accessed by parents and teachers for marking and reference purposes.

Don’t have a printer? Our activity packs and comprehension packs can also be accessed digitally, so pupils can view them on-screen and write their answers on lined paper.

For information about reading levels and levelling data for Sweet Cherry’s books, please click here.

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Key Stage 1 / Kindergarten to 1st Grade

Our children’s books are packed with fun illustrations and are a great way for young readers to develop literacy skills and build confidence in reading alone.


Our Key Stage 1 resources aim to develop KS1 pupils’ knowledge in a range of subjects while building basic comprehension skills to help them understand and enjoy their reading.


Key Stage 2 / 2nd to 5th Grade

Our fiction books for 7-11-year-olds are a fun way for young readers to develop their literacy skills and approach new genres in order to expand their literary horizons.


Our Key Stage 2 resources aim to develop pupils’ skills in analysing texts and use of literary devices and language while encouraging them to build discussions around their reading.