We are considering submissions for children’s books! Please bear in mind that we specialise in sets and series, and we are unlikely to take on a book if it is a stand-alone title. We are looking for compelling middle-grade and picture books.

Please send the first two chapters or 3000 words of your manuscript along with a synopsis, author biography and cover letter to:

Please note that we do not accept postal submissions.


What process does my manuscript go through during your consideration?

Once Sweet Cherry has received your manuscript, it is put in the hands of our editorial team. It is their job to read through your manuscript and make a decision based on the key areas that need to be fulfilled. These are:

  • Level of creativity

  • Level of engagement

  • Writing ability

  • Marketability and suitability for proposed audience

  • The potential for a series (we love our sets and collections!)

It is for this reason that we request a covering letter, synopses and a proposal for future writing along with your manuscript. Promising submissions are filtered to our acquisitions editor and if they are satisfied, a full manuscript will be requested.

How long does it take for you to respond to my submission?

Sweet Cherry receives a staggering amount of manuscripts within any given week. As a result, we cannot guarantee a response to unsuccessful manuscripts. If we are interested in your manuscript we will contact you with feedback and further advice within three months. If you have not heard back from us after three months, you can assume that your manuscript has been unsuccessful in this instance.

Don’t be discouraged if we don’t respond, or reject your manuscript: we are a small company and only able to take on a limited amount of projects each year. A project that isn’t right for us may be perfect for another company, so do keep submitting to other publishers and agents!

I am not based in the United Kingdom – will you still read my manuscript?

We prefer our authors to be based in the United Kingdom for marketing purposes. If you are based overseas we may still consider your submission if you can tell us why you wish to be published by a UK-based publisher.

What does it mean if I am commissioned to do a piece of work?

If we commission a piece of work, it means we see the potential within your writing style but feel your talents may be better utilised elsewhere. Instead of offering a fee for your completed work, we might ask to keep your details on file. When a suitable project arises, we will send you a brief and offer a fee for a future work that we would like you to produce.