After the popularity of our tour of the Edinburgh bookshops, we’re back again! This time with a tour of the Bath bookshops.

 This week is Independent Bookshop Week and now more than ever we should be celebrating our local bookshops. Bath is not just a lovely place to visit but it’s also home to some brilliant bookshops.

 Here are some must visits…

 Topping & Company

When you walk into Topping & Company you are greeted by tall bookcases and rolling library ladders just like Beauty and the Beast. You won’t know where to start because there’s a ridiculous amount of choice (think over 50,000 books and you might be close). You could easily spend hours here browsing the books and chatting to the lovely booksellers. Thankfully, there are a couple of small tables you can sit at too in case you pick up more books than you can carry.

 Mr B’s Reading Emporium Of Reading Delights

 A legendary bookshop for a reason, Mr B’s is home to all sorts of books. From new releases to classic literature, you’re bound to find some great books here. The wall space welcomes reviews from readers and this is most exciting in the children’s section. Tear your eyes away from the purple reading tree and you’ll see handwritten notes on the wall like ‘best book ever!’ It will make your heart all warm and fuzzy.

 My Small World Toy and Bookshop

 The books here are absolutely incredible. Not only are there some stunning picture books but also some really fun books that tiptoe the line between book and toy. Feminist books, picture book favourites and striking illustrations are just a few of the best parts of My Small World. The team are lovely too!

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