A Week of Work at Sweet Cherry Publishing

If you mention work experience to a publishing student or graduate, what immediately comes to mind is a long week or two spent making bottomless cups of coffee and photocopying infinite amounts of paperwork. However, Sweet Cherry put the experience in work experience, because not only do you take away a great experience but you get the chance to contribute just as much into the company.

 On my first day, I was greeted by an office full of welcoming faces and had a flick through the Sweet Cherry catalogue to get a feel for what everyone was working on around me. Cecilia sat down with me and told me about the history of Books2Door and Sweet Cherry Publishing, and gave me a chance to explain what areas of publishing I was interested in. Given that I had just graduated in the Publishing Media course at Oxford Brookes University, I was mostly interested in getting a feel for the ins and outs of how a publishing company works, particularly in editorial and sales and marketing.

 Throughout the week, I completed tasks that helped me utilise what I already knew whilst picking up new skills and experiences specific to a publishing business. The editorial tasks involved pitching a new idea for a children’s book to Cecilia, as well as reading through a manuscript and pitching whether or not I think it would work in the current market. It was an exciting task knowing that some of my ideas might actually be brought to life. The publicity and marketing tasks involved creating databases of various industry contacts for Jess and Daniel to use. The following week, I sat in on a sales meeting between Lara, Jess and Daniel. The meeting was quite insightful and it gave me the opportunity to learn more about what goes on within the sales and marketing team as well as discover what problems can arise and how best to solve them. There was loads to keep me busy and everyone was more than happy to give me advice and feedback.

 Here are five things I took away from my week of work experience at Sweet Cherry publishing:

  1. Publishing is all about people, people, people;

  2. Speaking of which, there are an infinite amount of mum-bloggers out there on the internet;

  3. Headphones are a vital accessory to a career in publishing;

  4. Jess and Rob LOVE Love Island;

  5. Daniel is EXTREMELY allergic to the sun.

Thank you to everyone at Sweet Cherry for making my time here engaging and insightful. If you’re interested in working in publishing or just want to see what it’s about, I would definitely recommend applying for work experience at Sweet Cherry Publishing.

Divia Kainth graduated with a First Class Honours in Publishing Media at Oxford Brookes University in 2018. Divia was offered the position of Sales and Rights Assistant at Sweet Cherry following her work experience and is now Marketing and Publicity Executive.