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Sweet Cherry Publishing is an independent children’s book publisher based in Leicester. We are a small team with a big mission! We believe that all children should have access to great stories and endeavor to break down the barriers which often get in the way of reading. We are proud of our Leicester heritage and work very closely with the local community to increase literacy rates and promote reading for pleasure. We are a positive & fun team with kindness, success and collaboration at the core of our values. We are proud to represent our authors and are passionate about sharing engaging stories with children of all abilities and backgrounds.

Meet the Team!

To contact a specific member of the team, please e-mail:

Managing Director

“I am the big cherry that sits right at the top! I get to make the most important decisions within the business.”

Likes: Watermelon

Dislikes: Watermelon seeds

Favourite children’s book: Matilda by Roald Dahl

Personal Assistant to the Managing Director

“I’m Abdul’s PA and it’s my job to make sure he stays organised and never leaves the office without his wallet, keys and phone! I also work closely with the rest of the management team and make sure the office runs smoothly day-to-day.”

Likes: Sunny days, bike rides and gin

Dislikes: Rain (especially during the school run) and running out of gin

Favourite children’s book: Rapunzel


“My job is to develop and maintain positive working relationships abroad. I also oversee publishing rights for Sweet Cherry titles and I negotiate translation rights.  Most interestingly, I get to travel to international fairs to exhibit our new titles and to meet interesting people!”

Likes: Music, skiing, food and tea

Dislikes: Blue cheese, it’s just wrong. Any other type of cheese is welcome though

Favourite children’s book: The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber

Managing Editor

“I find exciting new books and authors for Sweet Cherry by reading manuscripts and attending book fairs. Once we’ve taken on a text, I talk to our authors and help them edit their books to make sure that they’re as brilliant as they can be! I also work with the rest of the team to make sure our books come to life in our readers’ imaginations.”

Likes: Eating bananas in front of Tori, receiving interesting parcels and singing

Dislikes: Haters

Favourite children’s book: The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Head of Production and Scheduling

“I get the best job of turning everyone’s ideas into exciting new products and bringing everything to life. I create new formations, source all of the extra components and build the relationships with all our suppliers.”

Likes: Crisps, Camembert and skiing

Dislikes: Gravy and people being late

Favourite children’s book: The Jolly Postman by Allan and Janet Ahlberg

Senior Rights and Sales Manager

“My job’s key purpose involves meeting clients from across the globe on sales trips and at exhibitions to present and sell a range of publishing rights from our list. It’s an exciting task to find the perfect international publishing partner, and extremely rewarding to see our titles published in another market and language.”

Likes: Music, physics and football

Dislikes: Donald Trump, overindulgence and rocket (the leaves, yuck)

Favourite children’s book: The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Marketing and Publicity Executive

“It’s my job to make our books fall into the little hands of children all over the world! I work closely with our authors on our campaigns, and I also meet clients from all over the world to spread the word about what’s happening at Sweet Cherry.”

Likes: Rom-coms, cocktails and singing in the car

Dislikes: Heatwaves, airplane toilets and traffic

Favourite children’s book: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson (YA counts, right?)

Order Processor

“I look after the order processing for the domestic and international sales of our children’s books. I make sure our customers are well looked after and ensure their orders are dispatched accurately and on time.”

Likes: Avocados, seeing people succeed, being busy

Dislikes: Rude people, food waste, negativity

Favourite children’s book: The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen

Art Director

“I design and edit the covers and illustrations of our books! I also typeset the books and make activity packs and fun extras to accompany them.”

Likes: Graphic novels, board games and playing sports

Dislikes: Non-functioning buckles and zips

Favourite children’s book: I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

Middleweight Designer

“I’m involved in all aspects of book design, working closely with the other designers, editors and illustrators to make lovely books for everyone to enjoy!”

Likes: Drawing, sweatshirts and peanut butter bagels

Dislikes: Cold weather, people with no manners and sprouts

Favourite children’s book: Oh No George by Chris Haughton

Junior Designer

“I design covers, edit illustrations and typeset text to bring our books to life!”

Likes: Stripes, chocolate and going on adventures

Dislikes: Olives and fake pockets

Favourite children’s book: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Junior Designer

“I design covers, edit illustrations, and typeset books!”

Likes: Gaming, coffee and drawing

Dislikes: Beetroot, wasps and plot holes

Favourite children’s book: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Junior Designer

“I edit illustrations and help to design covers for our children’s books!”

Likes: Animals (especially dogs!), swimming in the sea and nature walks

Dislikes: Being behind schedule, seeing people unhappy and avocados

Favourite children’s book: Shelter by Celine Claire

Senior Editor

“I take care of agented submissions, so I get to meet with literary agents at places like the London and Bologna book fairs. I work closely with our authors on original and commissioned stories, as well as with the rest of the Sweet Cherry team on exciting new ideas developed in-house. Sometimes I write content, too.”

Likes: Asian dramas, slow travel and house plants

Dislikes: Windy days without a hair band

Favourite children’s bookCarbonel: The King of Cats by Barbara Sleigh

Senior Editor

“I find, commission and edit exciting new children’s stories. Alongside this, I’m focused on expanding our list of terrifically talented freelance authors and providing my team with daily Disney references.”

Likes: Baking, Christmas movies, sparkly stationery and snakes

Dislikes: Bananas, hugs and mean people

Favourite children’s book: How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss (the Jim Carrey version is also my favourite film)

Development Editor

“I edit and proofread our current projects – and I even write some of our younger children’s books! I work closely with the design department to make sure our images fit the text, and I also assess submissions and think up exciting new content ideas with the rest of the editorial team.”

Likes: Vintage jumpers, BBC dramas, making BookTube videos and Christmas

Dislikes: Being cold, disorganisation and badly developed characters

Favourite children’s book: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Development Editor

“I edit and evaluate manuscripts while suggesting ideas and submissions for my team to take forward.”

Likes: Vinyl, the outdoors and Tiny Desk concerts

Dislikes: Mushrooms, personalised advertising and ‘About’ profiles

Favourite children’s book:  Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl


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