School is almost back! That means it’s time to start READING again.

There are loads of books about going to school (and other cool stuff) that will get you in the mood for English, Science, P.E, Art and everything else.

Practice your reading skills and have fun!

 Here are 5 books you might want to pick from…

1. Little Rabbit Goes To School – Harry Horse

It is Little Rabbit’s first ever day at school and before he even gets there Charlie Horse has made him eat all his lunch. Oh no! Then they decide to go on a nature walk and a whole day of mischief begins.

2. Geronimo Stilton

 Geronimo Stilton has a very important job. He’s a journalist and editor who travels around the world writing reports. Go with him to EGYPT or a HAUNTED HOUSE.

There are 10 whole books in the series coming this October – you can pre order them now! With loads of cool activities on the Geronimo Stilton website, there’s loads to get stuck into whether you like drawing, writing or playing games.


3. The Accidental Billionaire – Tom McLaughlin

 Brand new book The Accidental Billionaire is about science-mad Jasper Spam who loves doing experiments and one day he creates something amazing. A shed, a mallet and a laser beam create a talking cat. Who wouldn’t want a talking cat? Now Jasper can buy everything he ever wanted, but money can’t solve every problem.

 4. Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds – Angie Lake

 If you like science and inventing then Danny Dingle’s stories are for you! Start with The Metal Mobile when Danny and Percy have a race to win if they want to get tickets to the best theme park ever. There’s lots of cool illustrations and crazy fonts so it’s still fun even if you don’t always like reading.

Plus, there are two books already and another one on the way REALLY soon.

 5. The Demon Headmaster – Gillian Cross

 Dinah’s just settling into her new foster home when she starts a new school and realises that something is not quite right. Most of the kids are acting like robots, they’re too well behaved. The headmaster has some scary secrets and taking over the school is just the start.