This spring, we have joined forces with Sutton Seeds, East End Spices and Chaat! Magazine to encourage primary schools to get their hands dirty and start their own gardening club.


The British Curry Club, which publishes Chaat! Magazine, has just launched their #GROWYOUROWNCURRY campaign in primary schools and offers a range of schools across the UK the chance to grow ingredients for a curry from a selection of seeds, provided by Sutton Seeds.  The campaign hopes to re-promote a love for the outdoors and to drive discussion about global cuisines through additional activities held inside and outside of the classroom. These activities will educate pupils on subjects such as agriculture and cooking and aid in their discovery of the diverse society around them. Schools taking part should organize a gardening club and engage with the initiative online on their school website and on social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook.


So how do we fit into all of this?

As an incentive for schools to take part, the British Curry Club has also launched a writing competition. Pupils must write a letter to the club explaining how they have taken part in the campaign and three schools will be chosen to win the grand prize- £200 worth of books for their school, provided by us! In addition, one lucky pupil will be awarded their own collection of Sweet Cherry books, worth £25, to enjoy for themselves.


In order to take part in the campaign, schools should register or apply for an entry form by sending their details to

More information about this campaign can be found on the Chaat! Magazine website:


More information about this campaign can be found on the Chaat Magazine website: