2018 is a big year for 9+ fantasy readers, there’s so much great stuff coming out. Here’s a little list of a few of our favourites coming this year and an extra shoutout to an old classic…..

 Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone

This one has everything you want in a fantasy read. A brave heroine,  loyal animal companions, all set in a magical snowy kingdom beset by an evil ice queen. Though we recommend that you read it somewhere warm.

 Wed Wabbit by Lissa Evans

 This one’s for the fantasy readers who like a laugh a minute. Fidge, our eleven-year-old hero, and his awful cousin Graham, are trapped the strange world of the Wimbley Woos, and it’s up to Fidge to save the day and get them both back home.

 The Peculiars by Kieran Larwood

By night the Peculiars are the stars of a Victorian sideshow act, by day they work together to solve mysteries. In a dangerous world of child-snatchers, grave-robbers and dastardly doctors, Wolfgirl, Sheba, Sister Moon and Monkey Boy are the strangest bunch of heroes you will have met in a while.

 Bonus Classic: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Collection series by L. Frank Baum

Did you know there are 15 books in this spellbinding series! That’s enough to keep the avid book-a-holic occupied for a spell! So head back to Oz for whole new adventures with Tin-man, Scarecrow and everyone’s favourite bravery-challenged big cat.