How to Get into Children’s Publishing:
Top Tips and Advice

Children’s Book Publishing

If you’re an aspiring publisher, looking for a career change or simply a book lover who wants to know more about the book industry, you’ve found the right place! Children’s publishing is just one of the sectors in publishing, but it’s the most fun one to be in! (We’re a bit bias – shh!)

Children’s books can include classic stories, trendy new tales with fun illustrations, educational resources and activity books. Many children’s publishers also publish YA (young adult) books for teens 14-18+.

Top Tips for Working in Children’s Publishing
  • Stay up to date with the publishing industry – regularly read The Bookseller, BookBrunch and Publishers Weekly to keep up with what’s happening in publishing.
  • Gain experience in the book industry – publishing placements can be hard to obtain, but volunteering at your local library, bookshop or primary school also gives you valuable experience in children’s books.
  • Regularly read books – one of the best ways to learn about children’s books is by reading them, so be knowledgable about the classics and the latest children’s books.
  • Network, network, network – people in publishing are always happy to answer and questions about their job, but you can also use LinkedIn and Twitter to reach out and network with fellow aspiring publishers.
  • Do your research – before applying for a job at a publishing house, familiarise yourself with their books, their history and their mission statement. Also, use LinkedIn to find out who you’d be working alongside and what you can bring to their team.
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