Guest Post: Mother’s Day 2021

I’m a mom of three lovely misfits aged 3, 6 and 12. In all the highs and lows of motherhood, reading books and sharing stories together is a bond we share like no other.

My eldest child has always shown a keen interest in books. At an early age, I began reading stories to her and she has grown to love them and now reads independently on a daily basis.

I, therefore, thought it would be natural for all my children to inevitably inherit my love for reading. When my second child was growing up, I’d read her stories, sing, and even perform them to her. Although it saddened me a bit when she didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, I let her be.

Two years later when my baby boy arrived, I was delighted again when he showed a keen interest in the books I’d buy him, attracted to their interactive formats, different sizes and bright colours.

A few years ago, I was saying goodnight to my eldest and we both thought that it’d be nice to resume our beloved ritual of reading stories at bedtime. Once we decided which book to read, my middle child began to feel a bit left out. I’m still not sure if it was out of jealousy of her sister or because we were actually having great, fun, but she soon decided to join us and now she finally shares our love for reading.

I look forward to the bedtimes when all four of us share our bedtime reading sessions – it’s a bonding experience like no other. What makes me even prouder is hearing the girls read to their little brother. In the past year, we’ve enjoyed mythology, classic retellings, fantasy and mysteries.

At first, my middle’s aversion to reading might have made me feel worried or anxious, but it prides me that she finally came round to it by her own choice. As a parent, it’s normal to worry and as a Victorian Literature teacher, I know that we all need our own time to figure things out for ourselves. There’s little point in pressuring our children into something they don’t like; it might simply just not be the right time for them.

The truth is that no matter how tired I might be, I’ll always make time for a little cuddle and a couple of chapters at bedtime.

Sometimes, I even wonder if the stories continue in their dreams once they’ve drifted asleep.

Cam is a mum-of-three and lives in Spain. She runs her own book blog and bookstagram, Nightfall Mysteries Company, and is an advocate for Sweet Cherry’s books, particularly our Easy Classics.