Whether we’re being told that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day,’ or reminded to ‘eat our greens,’ we all know that food is fuel. So, why not feed your brain as well as your tummy with these food-themed books? With their lip-smacking stories and tasty titles, they are guaranteed to make your mouth water! Devour these fantastic stories, and why not cook up something cool in the process?

 Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator – Roald Dahl

We’ve all hungrily devoured Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but did you know that Charlie and Willy Wonka have more tasty adventures? In this book, Charlie’s adventures get even bigger as he wins the whole chocolate factory! However, things don’t go to plan as Charlie and his family end up whizzing into outer space in Mr Wonka’s glass elevator! You won’t find as much chocolate in this book, but it’s super-speedy adventures definitely keep up the excitement!

 Mr Pattacake – Stephanie Baudet

I’m not sure you’d let Mr Pattacake loose in your kitchen! He means well, but never seems able to get through the day without some sort of disaster. Join him and his lazy, greedy cat Treacle as they try to solve their problems – and save the food! Whether he is cooking up a giant cake or making a meal for pirates, Mr Pattacake’s ideas will make your mind boggle and your mouth water.

 The Chocolate Box Girls series – Cathy Cassidy

Bestselling author Cathy Cassidy has cooked up a tasty treat for YA readers with her ‘Chocolate Box Girls’ series, ideal for fans of Jacqueline Wilson. Follow the Tanglewood girls and their new stepsister, Cherry, as they muddle through the tricky teen years and learn the importance of trust, truth and friendship. Each sister has her own story to tell, so settle down with a huge mug of hot chocolate and get reading!

 Just Call Me Spaghetti-Hoop Boy – Lara Williamson

Adam Butters LOVES spaghetti hoops. He is also superhero MAD. So what could be better than become Spaghetti-Hoop Boy? But this is a spaghetti-mad superhero with an important  job to do. Adam has noticed that his mum has been very unhappy, so he is on a special mission to cheer her up. Lara Williamson’s books are hilarious and heart-warming, and this one is a must-read.

 Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover – Matilda Ramsay

 Have all these food-themed books made you hungry? No fear! Matilda, daughter of famous TV chef Gordon Ramsay, is here satisfy your hunger pangs! This fun, vibrant book is full of delicious recipes to keep you going from breakfast to dinner. There are lots of tasty treats too – we can’t wait to try her recipe for popcorn cakes!

 Nadiya’s Bake Me a Story: Fifteen Stories and Recipes for Children – Nadiya Hussain 

If you love stories and love cooking, Nadiya’s book is the one for you! There are fifteen stories to enjoy, and then 15 yummy recipes for you to bake and eat with your friends and family! From not-just ginger gingerbread men to very-berry muffins, Nadiya’s recipes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Plus, look out for her Christmas story cookbook, coming out this year- it features 30 brand-new recipes!