Introducing Lauren Hoffmeier

NYC-based yogi and debut children’s author of Mula and the Fly

Lauren Hoffmeier was raised in the heart of New York City with a performance background in opera and musical theatre. She is a certified vinyasa yoga instructor and graduate of Boston University. In this brilliant world of oddballs and misfits, she aims to inspire positivity by encouraging an international mindset of joy and uniqueness.

Read our conversation with Lauren to find out more!

Which 3 words would people use to describe you?
LH: Quirky, spirited and sassy!

What inspired you to write for children?
LH: I’ve found that yoga is a practice which allows me to stop taking myself too seriously. I’m a big kid at heart, a walking cartoon with a penchant for joy, laughter and love, and this is the medium where that can be expressed with ease and delight.

Where does Mula the tiger’s name come from?
LH: Every character is based on one of the chakras. In fact, all the characters are named after the chakra they are based on. For example, Mula is named after the root chakra, which in Sanskrit is “Muladhara.”

What do you like to do, besides writing?
LH: I teach yoga to adults and children in NYC, and I love to sing, cook and travel!

If anyone wants to say hello, where can they find you?
LH: You can find me on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook.

Lauren Hoffmeier’s debut picture book series Mula and the Fly launches in Spring 2021.