Ken and Angie Lake’s virtual school visit

Mondays are usually everyone’s least favourite day.

But today, schoolboy Aiden experienced a Monday like no other when he was paid a virtual visit by his favourite authors, Ken and Angie Lake, who wanted to personally congratulate him on an exciting project he worked on over lockdown.

Aiden spent his lockdown reading all 10 books in Ken and Angie Lake’s The Diaries of Robin’s Travels series, before going on to write about more places in a socially-distanced fashion with his grandma.

They covered adventures in Sydney, Kosovo, New York, Beijing and Belfast, drawing inspirations from some of the places he’s visited. Included in his fact-files were historical landmarks, delicious local food and pictures from his own family holidays.

During the virtual school visit, Ken Lake told Aiden the inspiration behind The Diaries of Robin’s Travels and what it was like writing the books with his daughter. Aiden and his class asked the authors how long it took to write the books, and what inspired their writing careers. Angie Lake praised Aiden on the quality and consistency of his writing and how he made it so easy for the reader to understand.

Aiden was congratulated on being a great inspiration to his classmates and showed them what can be achieved from a passion for reading. He was also featured in the Scottish Daily Mail and Nottingham Local News and now plans to continue his project and write more fact-files in the near future.

Aiden putting his project together over lockdown.

Aiden receiving Angie’s Danny Dingle books as a thank you gift.