Calling all budding writers aged 14-18, the BBC Young Writers Award is open again for submissions. 

 All details of the award can be found here.

 At Sweet Cherry, we love encouraging writers to, well, write! The thing is, some people don’t know they are writers yet, especially young people.

 No matter how old you are, you can tell a story. Jack Marcionette wrote his book Just Jake at the age of 12. Christopher Beale‘s book This and Last Season’s Excursions was published when he was only six years old and won him the Guinness World Record for the youngest male author! 

 In the UK, 9-year-old Isabel Harris became the youngest published author this year when she won the Book People’s competition with her book The Moon Man. 

 Here are some top tips from us:

1. Start

 Don’t worry too much, just get going. Remember that you can change your story if you don’t like it.

2. Keep Reading

 While writing might keep you busy, make sure you read other stories too. They will inspire you and get your brain thinking about the infinite possibilities in story-telling….

3. Make Your Characters Your Friends

 Think about them, write about them, draw them, get to know them. These people are important.

4. Go over it again

 Once you’ve written your story, go back and reread it. Keep doing that and making changes until you’re 100% happy.

5. Don’t Give Up

 Even on the days where you’re finding it tricky, keep going. Get some help from friends, someone at school or a family member. You might just need a new perspective. 

 So if you’re a young person with a story to tell, there’s no time to lose! Write like the wind!