What happens at London Book Fair certainly doesn’t stay at London Book Fair ….

We are proud to announce we have acquired the UK and Ireland rights for internationally bestselling Geronimo Stilton series!

 Geronimo Stilton

 The action-packed Geronimo Stilton series follows the adventures of mouse and journalist, Geronimo Stilton, who regularly finds himself flung into humorous situations. Written in an autobiographical style, Geronimo chronicles his various predicaments and the friends and family that help him out of them.

 The Geronimo Stilton series was originally published in Italian and regularly makes its way onto the bestseller charts in Italy. There are more than 200 titles in the series, which have been translated into 48 languages. The Geronimo Stilton’s ‘Funny Tales’ series has sold more than one book per minute since the year 2000. An English translation is published by Scholastic in the US, and was formerly published by Puffin Books in the UK.

 The stories have been adapted into a variety of media across international markets. These include a graphic novel series, a musical theatre production, and an animated television series, which is available in the UK on Amazon Prime.


 The first novel in the ten-part series Gormless Gods and Hapless Heroes: Tim Baker and the Ancient Curse is a wildly hilarious and rousing adventure of hapless mistakes and heart-warming friendship. Tim Baker is an ordinary ten-year-old schoolboy – the kids at school call him ‘Cinderella’ because he’s always stuck at home doing the housework, while his mum is away working two jobs. But when Hercules bursts into his life things become a lot more interesting.

 Sweet Cherry’s Managing Director; Abdul Thadha said “I am delighted that Stella Tarakson has joined the Sweet Cherry family of authors. Gormless Gods and Hapless heroes explore the relationship of a modern family and introduce its readers to the history of Ancient Greece and the lively exploits of the Gods with all the hilarity of fighting a tiger-skin rug.” 

 The pre-launch was attended by many industry professionals including the CEO of The Publishers Association Stephen Lotinga, Faber & Faber’s CEO Stephen Page and Atlantyca s. P. a. CEO Claudia Mazzucco who enjoyed a Greek feast.
























(left) Stuart Smith Managing Director of BMS Wholesale Australia (right) and Abdul Thadha Managing Director of Sweet Cherry Publishing

(left) Richard Mollet former Chief Executive of The Publishers Association and (right) Stephen Lotinga current Chief Executive of The Publishers Association

The Stand Party for Gormless Gods and Hapless Heroes: Tim Baker and the Ancient Curse