Tomorrow marks the release of our new middle-grade title, Tim Baker and the Ancient Curse. This book is the beginning of a hilarious series called Gormless Gods and Hapless Heroes, charting the adventures of Tim Baker as he navigates school, chores and Ancient Greek gods.

There are no words for how excited I am for you all to have the chance to read this book! As a team we’ve worked on it for probably the last year. All of the tiny steps we’ve taken with it, from deciding on a cover, choosing an illustrator, working on the blurb, having the pre-launch party at London Book Fair … have been enormously fulfilling tasks. On a personal level, it’s the first book I’ve worked on that is being released, so there’s a massive feeling of accomplishment that comes with that. On a professional level, it really feels like with Tim Baker and the Ancient Curse we are marking a new chapter in Sweet Cherry’s life. In the immortal words of D:Ream, things can only get better.

 To summarise the plot: Tim Baker is an ordinary guy, but life hasn’t been easy for him. His mum had to start working two jobs when his dad died, so Tim helps out around the house. Unfortunately, the kids at school found out. Even more unfortunately, the school bully decided it would be a great idea to start calling him Cinderella. Who knew nicknames could catch on so quickly? One day, during the course of his cleaning, Tim has an accident.

 Enter Hercules! Hercules is a great character. He’s funny, he’s kind, what he lacks in intelligence he more than makes up for with his good heart. But as is the nature of ancient demigods in the present day, shenanigans ensue. The scene where Tim tries to explain to Hercules that, actually, the living-room rug is not the reincarnation of the Nemean Lion is possibly my favourite. For me, this is a story about friendship and the lengths we will go to for our friends.

 Stella is an incredibly gifted writer in that she makes us laugh hysterically at the ridiculous situations Tim and Hercules find themselves in, but grounds it well with more meaningful scenes such as Hercules talking about missing his family.

 This book is so good, so easy to read and such great fun. I know I’m biased, but go buy it now!!!