There is something different about red hair!

 I know, I am a proud ginger, proud of the copper curls which sit on top of my head but it hasn’t always been that way. As a child I was called all of the names: Duracell, carrot-top, orang-utan, the laziest of them all ginger, you name it I’ve heard it. The colour of my hair made me feel very different. I mean, the smallest things make me turn as red as a beetroot and the sun remains my mortal enemy – factor 50 anyone?

 But throughout literary fiction I found kick-ass redheads who have inspired me and prove that you’ll never be able to get enough of us redheads.

 So, here are some of my favourite and inspiring ginger literary icons:

 Pippi Longstocking



A list of literary redheads would be incomplete without Pippi Longstocking, the superman girl with an infectious sense of adventure. Who didn’t want to be friends with Pippi in her big house with Mr Nilson and her horse? I still want to be friends with Pippi!

 The Weasley Family


 This ginger-haired wizarding family are my quintessential ginger heroes. As a child, I was Ron Weasley. The quaint red-headed family defy that fiery-tempered stereotype attached the gingers. Instead, the Weasley encapsulate courage and honour and will do anything to save the people they care for, no matter the circumstance. 

 Side-note, I think you’ll find Dumbledore was a redhead – just saying, DUMBLEDORE! We win!



 The adventures of this red-headed international journalist captivated me from a very young age. The magic of Hergé’s story telling combining mystery, fantasy, politics and science fiction had me gripped. Nor could I escape the distinctive Ligne Claire art style of Hergé illustrations. For the record, anyone who says Tintin is blonde are LIARS!

Anne Shirley

Anne’s red hair and freckles is a sensitive subject but with age they come to bother her less and often symbolises many of her insecurities. You cannot escape the lovable nature of the wildly imaginative Anne Shirley. I feel her story truly reflects the honesty of the red-headed experience.

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 All I want to say is be proud of your ginger hair. The characters mentioned above prove that with ginger hair comes great responsibility! You can be as comfortable as Pippi and stand out as much as the Weasley family and it’s okay to grow into your hair just like Anne.