After five very busy years, Sweet Cherry had rather outgrown our old premises and we’ve moved into a shiny new office in Vulcan House here in Leicester. We’re still proudly flying the flag for publishing outside London, but now we’re doing it from an office with windows! (This is genuinely very exciting for us, we were all becoming mole people due to the lack of sunlight – although as I type this it’s grey and cloudy outside.)

 We’ve got much more space now, which gives us room to expand even more over the next few months (watch this space, aspiring publishers!), as well as meaning that I can move my chair backwards without hitting Kate in the back. We also have lots more space for our ever expanding tea and coffee selection and all of our novelty stationary.

 We have made firm friends with the building’s lovely cleaning lady, Agnes, who has announced that she’s our new work mum and invited us up to her office for a cuppa. I’m sure we’ll be taking her up on that, caffeine addicts that we all are (except Alice, who continues to awe me with her ability to get through Monday morning without several cups of coffee).


In a couple of days, one of our authors will be visiting us in the new office for the first time, which is exciting. Our old meeting room was kind of in a warehouse, so it was noisy and dusty, whereas now we have a lovely bright, chilled out meeting space. 


Like any office move, it’s been chaotic and we still aren’t 100% settled in, but this is a big, exciting step for Sweet Cherry, and we’re looking forward to all of the fantastic books we’re going to make for you in our new home.