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Susan McNally

Susan’s love of books developed early in her childhood, which was spent living in the north of England with her parents. They were inspiring storytellers, recounting ghost stories and fairy tales that soon ignited her lifelong love of fantasy, mystery and suspense.

After building a successful career in business, Susan was motivated to start writing after purchasing an Edward Ardizzone illustration. This evocative print recalled a day spent by Susan exploring the Yorkshire countryside before getting lost in her storybooks at home, and she consequently became determined to give young readers the opportunity to be similarly transported – this time to the strange make-believe worlds of her own making.

Susan joined Sweet Cherry in 2013, having previously self-published her debut novel, The Morrow Secrets. The sequel, The Shadow of the Swarm, was published in 2014, and the concluding part of the Morrow Secrets trilogy, The Dark Spell, was released in 2015.


The Morrow Secrets

The Shadow of The Swarm

The Dark Spell

The Morrow Secrets


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