A new case for Mina Mistry…

Disappearing hamsters? Vanishing toads? This needs investigating. This looks like a case for Mina Mistry.

Written by Angie Lake, internationally bestselling author of the Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds series, Mina Mistry Investigates is a fun detective series with comic-style illustrations by Ellie O’Shea, plus case files and top-secret character profiles for children aged 7+ years.

Perfect for fans of Dork Diaries, Planet Omar and Anisha, Accidental Detective, the series stars a diverse main female character, an array of fun friends and relatable family relationships as schoolgirl detective Mina Mistry uncovers some of the mysterious happenings in her school and around the town of Greenville.

Book 1, The Case of the Disgusting School Dinners, won a Gold Award in the 2020 BizzieBaby Awards and is currently shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize 2021 – support us and vote now!

Book 2, The Case of the Disappearing Pets, is out now!

In this second instalment, The Case of the Disappearing Pets, Mina investigates the mystery behind all of her friends’ missing pets and if it’s anything to do with the huge hole blown up on the floor of the local pet shop…

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Join Mina Mistry, her best friend Holly Loafer and her trusty sidekick Mr Panda in The Case of the Missing Pets, available in-store and online from all bookshops in paperback with fun purple sprayed edges!